Denise Larson


In 1997, Denise developed the Patented EA™ predictive model for measuring consumers’ loyalties to brands, media and content. Patent US 8,521,590 B1 was applied for in 2003 and was officially granted in August 2013.
The company was established in 2003 as a result of a vision and passion for bringing substantive, scalable survey-based metrics into the marketplace which tie to actual behavior. EA® quantitatively measures consumers’ attachment to brands (established and new), media properties and content (including digital content). The unique process uses a patented 11-point scale to measure Emotional Attachment.
The EA® approach is based on the widely respected academic theory – Attachment Theory and the Bonding Process – developed by renowned child development psychologist, John Bowlby. The accuracy of EA® is due to its ability to capture a consumers’ right-brain responses in a survey environment and quantify their experience and expectations as it relates to how loyal they will be—to a brand, media types (including emerging media), content, and new products across any sector.
Denise is passionate about helping companies build sustainable business models as she brings over 30 years of experience in marketing, advertising and research working with blue-chip companies across all business sectors—CPG, Telecom, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Movies, Network Programming, Retail, Financial, Travel.